Palo Alto Networks, Inc. serves global governments – across military, civilian, and intelligence sectors - in the following areas:

  • Protection at the department, mission, function and network perimeter - this includes verifying the legitimacy of users and the applications that they use;
  • Protection of datacenter operations for both “north-south” and “east-west” traffic; 
  • Protection for the mobile environment.

What We Do

  • Next generation cyber security including sandboxing, IDS/IPS, firewall, URL filtering, and anti-malware protections, in ONE platform 
  • Mitigate threats - detect, analyze and prevent threats across both KNOWN and UNKNOWN threats, including APTs, in ONE platform 
  • Provide visibility into both cleartext and the ENCRYPTED communications which can hide threat communications – all in ONE platform 
  • Offer the same cyber security protection in both physical platforms and virtual machines (VMs), enabling rapid deployments to military sites and flexible exercise support

How We Do It Differently

  • Inspect all communications (protocol types) to ensure all communications are thoroughly analyzed. We have visibility across over 870 applications;
  • Provide application enablement – giving you granular control, not a binary block-or-allow approach; 
  • Provide the flexibility to tie applications to specific users and specific content
  • Efficiently process your traffic – once across all security functions - in a single pass, thanks to a purpose-built single pass parallel process architecture; 
  • Offer up to 120 Gbps throughput; 
  • Seamless integration with some of the best technology providers in the industry to deliver a more holistic security approach.

What Our Government Customers Think

  • Government agencies who have used proxy-based firewalls and UTMs are astonished at the security performance of our platforms.
  • For one very large military customer, the threat vector was eliminated by 90% just by turning on Palo Alto Networks in their infrastructure. 
  • One of the largest U.S. civilian agencies reduced their footprint from 80 devices (URL filtering, a/v scanning, load balancing & caching servers) to 8 Palo Alto Networks platforms and immediately found threats they had not caught previously. 
  • It’s not just about the threats – in these lean fiscal times, our government customers favor our pricing. Not only do they achieve improved protection, they experience tremendous cost savings with our per-appliance pricing. 
  • Governments love our ease and simplicity – One of the largest agencies in the U.S. government deployed our platforms across 4 gateways in 5 months.


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