Financial Services

Financial institutions that thrive and remain competitive do so by leading the way in adopting technology innovations. Unfortunately, new applications, upgrades, and newly released technologies are natural targets for cyberattacks because they can carry unknown vulnerabilities. Since cyberattacks and APTs target the financial industry more than any other, you need a way to deter them.

Palo Alto Networks’ security platform was built from the ground-up to tackle modern malware and cyberthreats. Our revolutionary approach to network security is based on giving you full visibility into ALL of the traffic on your network. This allows you to identify all applications, users, and content on your network, so that you can take control and eliminate unknown risks. 

Classify all traffic on your network; eliminate unknowns

Firewalls must be at the core of your network security strategy because they are the only network infrastructure component that can see all traffic. But your firewalls also need to match the complexity of today’s application ecosystem and threat landscape. Legacy firewalls can't because they use ports to control traffic. Port-based firewalls let through too much unknown traffic and content. Our network security platform allows you to classify all traffic by application, user, and content, which gives you full visibility and control over what’s on your network. 

Break the cycle of cyberattacks

Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, and their volume has risen to a level where non-integrated legacy security tools - which require too many manual steps to efficiently investigate suspicious traffic - do not allow security professionals to effectively stop attacks. Our network security platform not only provides immediate visibility and control into all traffic, but also gives you contextual intelligence so you can take immediate action on anomalous and suspicious traffic and block attacks.  

Strengthen, yet simplify, your network security

Network security evolved alongside the development of the Internet and the emergence of new threats. Today, you might have to manage a portfolio of security tools spread across traditional firewalls, IPS, threat detection tools, url filtering, and many more. By integrating all security functionality into the core of our next-generation firewall, Palo Alto Networks eliminates fragmentation and naturally strengthens your network security while also simplifying its management. 

Enable the safe use of innovative applications and technologies

Whether it’s mobile computing, datacenter virtualization, or software defined networks, you must innovate and use technology to drive differentiation and remain competitive. However, new technologies typically carry unknown and unpatched vulnerabilities that offer natural targets for cyberattacks. With Palo Alto Networks, you can rapidly enable the safe use of new applications and technologies by using easily defined and dynamic rules based on applications, users, and content.   

Turn cybersecurity into a competitive advantage

With the increase in cyberattacks on banks, maintaining the trust of your customers and improving their confidence in your ability to secure their financial records is a priority. By using Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls - the leading network security platform on the market - you can strengthen your network security and demonstrate to your customers how important security is to your business. 


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