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Cybersecurity impacts every industry in different ways.  One constant is the ongoing pressure to deploy new systems, applications, and devices. How can you enable change and deploy innovative technologies on time and on budget but without compromising your security?

Our network security solutions give you full visibility and control over all traffic based on applications, protocols, users, and content - even in the most remote and specialized corners of your network. With Palo Alto Networks, you can better manage and protect the complex and ever-evolving ecosystem of modern technologies upon which your industry relies. 

Palo Alto Networks customers talk about our automated threat protection and platform advantage. Watch this 2 min video to learn how we help their cybersecurity teams.



The unabated rise of cyberthreats targeting governments and critical infrastructure has made protecting networks and information systems a strategic priority for governments worldwide. Adopting new applications and innovative technologies to remain competitive is a must, but they bring new vulnerabilities and add complexity and new challenges to your network security. 

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Internet & other networking technologies have improved the efficiency and richness of the learning experience in many educational institutions. However, the risks created by potential network misuse or security breaches have also increased substantially. With our unique access control framework - based on applications and users, as well as its multi-faceted threat prevention capabilities - Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls are the ideal platform for ensuring comprehensive network security in educational institutions.

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Like many of your peers in the healthcare industry, you might be going through a technology revolution to improve efficiencies and to satisfy new regulations. Palo Alto Networks can help. Our next-generation firewalls allow you to define and enforce the acceptable use of new technologies and applications on your network. Regardless of the state of your network, you can easily and safely transition to our security platform and rapidly improve your cybersecurity posture.

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Financial Services


Palo Alto Networks security platform was built from the ground-up to tackle modern malware and cyberthreats. Our revolutionary approach to network security is based on giving you full visibility into ALL of the traffic on your network. This allows you to identify all applications, users, and content on your network, so that you can take control and eliminate unknown risks.

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SCADA & Industrial Control


Insufficient security and unpatched, highly vulnerable legacy systems combined with a more sophisticated threat landscape targeting critical infrastructure, has made improving cybersecurity in SCADA/ICS networks more important than ever. Palo Alto Networks unique approach to network traffic control, threat prevention, and central management protects your key infrastructure from cyberthreats and ensures network availability.

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Service Providers & Telecommunications


Protecting and maintaining the integrity of a carrier-grade network and its related services depends on highly adaptable security solutions that can grow along with a constantly evolving ecosystem of network technologies. We can help you!

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