Application Framework

Threats are dynamic. You need to keep evolving to stay ahead. New capabilities are tightly integrated, building on the value of what you already have. With Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, you can quickly consume innovative security apps, using your existing security data, sensors and enforcement points. Whether developed by us, our ecosystem of third parties or your own teams, these apps can detect and report on threats, or automate enforcement workflows, to reduce response time. This way, the Security Operating Platform enables you to get the most out of your existing Palo Alto Networks investment.



概述 当今的安全团队必须保护其数据远离新型威胁,同时为用户进行以下操作提供安全性: 1. 使用互联网 2. 访问数据中心中的应用程序 3. 访问公共云或 SaaS 中的应用程序 这些要求并不容易满足,因为当今的单点产品集合非常复杂而且并未集成,它们对每个要 求进行相互独立的处理,由此而产生了不一致和管理开销。

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PA-3200 Series 数据表

Palo Alto Networks® PA-3200 Series 新一代防火墙由 PA-3260、PA-3250 和 PA-3220 组成,均针对高速互联网网关部署而设计。PA-3200 Series 将专用处理进程和内存用于网络、安全、威胁防护和管理,以保护包括加密流量在内的所有流量。

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