By Initiative

Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls offer a flexible security platform that can be deployed to address your unique business initiatives.  Whether your IT initiatives range from addressing mobility and BYOD issues, to enabling security for your dynamic virtualized datacenter, we can help solve your needs. We understand the challenges you face, and can provide a security offering that empowers your users and aligns with your core business objectives. 

Using a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, your security team can strike an appropriate balance between blocking all personal-use applications and allowing them. Secure application enablement begins with first knowing exactly what applications are being used and by whom.

Threat Prevention

Use our next-generation firewall to take a systematic approach for protection against modern malware.

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Enable enterprise mobility with security by protecting your traffic and your data and ensure that the device is ok.

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Server Virtualization and Cloud

Implement your datacenter virtualization initiatives with the appropriate security for both 'north-south' and 'east-west traffic.

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Internet Gateway

Safely enable access to Internet applications with reduced risk by preventing inappropriate usage and dangerous content.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Deliver access to virtual desktops while maintaining consistent enforcement of policy for application traffic.

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Wireless Infrastructure

Secure your wireless corporate and guest network and enable BYOD for safe access to applications.

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Network Segmentation

Improve the overall security of your network and meet compliance requirements by splitting network traffic into separate segments.

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