Expanded Cyber Attack Protection.
New Hardware and Virtualized Firewalls.
New Mobile Security Offerings.
More Than 60 New Features.

With the release of PAN-OS 6.0 and the PA-7050, Palo Alto Networks continues to bring new, innovative products and platforms to the security market that enable enterprises, governments and service providers to combat the most advanced and evasive cyber attacks. In addition to the PA-7050 chassis and new cyber attack protection functionality, this release brings more than 60 additional new features that will allow you to accelerate virtualization and software defined network projects, and embrace mobile computing.

The PA-7050: The Fastest Next-generation Security Firewall

The PA-7050 protects data centers and high-speed networks with firewall throughput of up to 120 Gbps and, full threat prevention at 100 Gbps or 60 Gbps bi-directionally. To address the computationally intensive nature of full-stack classification and analysis at speeds of 120 Gbps, more than 400 processor are distributed across networking, security, switch management and logging functions. The result is that the PA-7050 allows you to deploy next-generation security in your datacenters without compromising performance.

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WildFire: Extends coverage to detect and protect your network from the most sophisticated cyber attacks

This release expands the WildFire sandbox analysis beyond PE files to now include PDF, Microsoft Office, Java and Android APKs that may be transferred by 100s of applications traversing your network. The new file types, combined with new OS sandbox support, more granular reporting and analysis tools allow you to protect your network from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. 

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Threat prevention: Improved visibility into the applications used to mask threat activities.

New DNS sinkholing and DNS monitoring features allow you to more completely investigate the corners in which cyber attacks may hide. Redirect malicious requests to an address of your choosing with DNS Sinkholing, or help us improve our threat prevention and URL filtering with opt-in DNS monitoring. 

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URL filtering: Increased control over common evasion techniques; support for safe search.

Common evasion techniques such as translation sites and viewing cached results are effectively thwarted with URL filtering policies while safe search support allows you to leverage built-in browser search settings for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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SSL Decryption: More tools to manage encrypted traffic.

With SSL making up an estimated 20-30% of your network traffic, it’s imperative you have a means to inspect all traffic to find attacks attempting to evade detection through encryption. This release adds Hardware Security Module (HSM) support and decryption port mirroring to help streamline the SSL decryption management process and expand access to analysis and archiving tools.

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VM-Series: Accelerating your virtualization efforts with automation and expanded VM support.

Virtual Machine Monitoring automates the retrieval of virtual machine IP address changes without making configuration changes on the firewall while Dynamic Address Groups allows you to dynamically update the network address of an object referenced in policy. In addition, this release expands VM-Series support to include Citrix SDX 11500 and 17500 Series running Citrix XenServer version 6.0.2 or later. Look for some new announcements in the Q1 CY 2014 timeframe related to VM-Series for VMware NSX.

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GlobalProtect: Safely enables mobile devices for business use.

With this release, GlobalProtect delivers a unique, integrated solution to safely enable mobile devices for business use. The new GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager complements the GlobalProtect Gateway and GlobalProtect App, and provides the organizations with the ability to manage the device, protect the device and control the data. GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager is available on the new GP-100 appliances and scheduled to ship February 2014.

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