Palo Alto Networks: A Channel Driven Company

The Palo Alto Networks and the Worldwide Channel Programs Group is committed to deliver a partner program with five specific areas of focus:

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and customer choice that requires us to be a multi-channel company, meaning our sales strategy must follow a number of routes-to-market to meet customer choice and need.

As 'The Network Security Company™,' we are committed to a channel enablement and partner training philosophy that provides our member sales representatives and sales engineers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a trust relationship with our members. In order to create a trust engagement, we must increase our collaboration to achieve our mutual growth.

The area in which Palo Alto Networks delivers more than most vendors is in demand/lead generation activities with our members. Our market development fund is one of the most generous and effective in the industry. We are expertly positioned to drive leads along with, and to, our members, and have marketing programs and resources they can leverage to drive new business opportunities.

Member profitability is top of mind for us. We offer deal registration and various channel promotions to help our members build their businesses profitably.The Palo Alto Networks channel strategy is to arm our members with products to safely enable their customers and the programs, training, and resources they need to profitably grow their businesses.

Resell Program Category

The primary route-to-market for Palo Alto Networks is the two-tier channel distribution model. We help distributors work with resellers to provide our products and services to end user customers.

Achievement of membership level is based upon successfully completing the following five main areas: performance (suggested minimum revenue for trailing four quarters), competency (achievement of sales and technical requirements), equipment (for customer evaluations), coverage (theater/sub-region presence), and specialization (ASC, ATC, CPSP).

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)
VARs are companies that offer a vendor's product to their current or prospective customers, add their own "value," such as deeper or broader security expertise and/or services (evaluation, network architecture, implementation, configuration, policy setting, etc.) for the product, and resell it as a new product or "package." At Palo Alto Networks, we work with VARs so our mutual customers benefit from trusted network security advisors.

System Integrator
System Integrators are businesses that build computing systems for clients by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors. They perform similarly to VARs, but normally work with larger clients or on larger projects. Oftentimes system integrators focus on a specific industry vertical or solution area.

Palo Alto Networks believes in the Value Added Distributor model.  In each territory, we are working with distributors who add value in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, training, marketing, and support services.  For a list of our authorized Distributor partners, please visit our website.